The Comprehensive Refrigerators buying guide

So maybe either your old refrigerator is stubbornly on strike or maybe it turned to be unfit or too ugly to fit your new or redesigned interior finish. Whatever the reason is, you now want to buy refrigerator. There are like gazillions (if there is such a number) of options available out there, to leave you indefinitely confused. And now you decided to do some research, find some refrigerator buying guide and get some guidance. And finally, now you’re on the right page- The right refrigerator buying guide.

Refrigerators certainly are one of the essential kitchen appliances and it would be around for half a decade at a minimum- so you don’t want to make a mistake in selecting the right refrigerator. First, let us give a brief on all the types of and the basic details on Refrigerators, so when you finally make the choice, you make an informed decision that you won’t regret later on.

Types of refrigerators

Below given are the major refrigerator styles or classification of refrigerators you will encounter when you are out for buying a refrigerator. The refrigerator types mentioned here are in a increasing order of capacity.

Single door refrigerator

Certainly, a popular kind of refrigerator is single door ones. They are preferable for their decent capacity backed by budget-friendly prices. In most ways, these would fit for most small or nuclear families.

Double door refrigerators

These are conventional two-door refrigerators that have a freezer on top (short door) and fridge in the lower part (longer door). Quite efficient and spacious, this category offers a lot of sizes and varieties. Double door refrigerator offers additional feature defrosting, which not available in single door refrigerator.

Bottom freezer refrigerator

This is the upside-down version of the conventional double door refrigerator. In other words, the freezer is mounted in the lower portion. The idea behind this variation is avoiding the need to bend frequently as in case of conventional ones. You sure can find many classy varieties in this category from various manufacturers that would fit in with different budgets as well.

Side by side

Just as the word suggests, this refrigerator classification has a freezer on the side (the narrower half) and fridge on other. The narrow door is a plus point for tiny kitchens. It must, however, be considered that the narrow compartments may not provide adequate space for bigger or broader stuff.

French door refrigerator

These can perhaps be classified are the most versatile of refrigerator types and comes with a great capacity. This type of refrigerators come with at least three doors (two small-width swing doors in top and bottom accommodated freezer). In addition to great capacity, the narrow doors won’t take up much of space. For those who are considering stylish refrigerators, French door refrigerators might be the choice, if your budget supports you.

Compact or bar refrigerator

Cheap, easy and portable, we find these smallest refrigerator varieties quite cute as well. They can act cool as in-room refrigerators. However, they certainly cannot serve near well as the, say, actual refrigerators- low space, lower efficiency.

Built-in refrigerators

These pieces of beauty are fine portraits of technological progress. Built-in Refrigerators are made to perfectly fit diverse cabinets and match any modern kitchen interior. Built-in refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes and designs, in French doors, bottom freezer and side by side styles. However, it should be noted that not all refrigerator brands offer these refrigerator types.

There are sleek, 18-inch ‘Column fridges’ as well, that are designed to fit any tiny kitchen corner space perfectly- a fine way to use even the narrowest corners of the modern kitchen.

Refrigerator price range in India

Usually, the first question that pops up in our minds as soon as the idea of new refrigerator dawns is ‘how much does a refrigerator cost?’ There is no fixed price range that we can pinpoint. The refrigerator price differs for each model, each brand. In India, the basic single door models would start as low as Rs.10000 and can go as high as over 5 lac for high-end models. Anyway, a decent refrigerator can be owned for an average of Rs. 25000 to Rs. 40000.

Starting the hunt for a perfect refrigerator: “Which refrigerator should you buy?”

“Which refrigerator is best?” “Which refrigerator should I buy?” “How to find the perfect refrigerator” are some of the most primary level interrogative sentences that cross our mind as soon as we are set on the mission to get home a brand new refrigerator. We should mention in this context that there no such this as a ‘best refrigerator ‘ that suits everyone. Rather, focus on the best refrigerator for you- and it doesn’t have to be a super-costly thing. Here are few tips for finding the best refrigerator.

List out and be clear:
To start with, list out (on a paper or just think) what all you want in the fridge. What we meant here with ‘what you want’ are the core and basic stuff and features you are looking for. For example, if you are considering to buy a refrigerator that would fit your renewed kitchen interior, you might want to note the colour you are looking for (that match the interior), the type of refrigerator that would fit in with your requirements, the refrigerator features you are considering, the size of refrigerator that your kitchen can accommodate.

Create a reasonable budget:
You need to see your budget clearly. (Additional tip- be honest with budget and keep in mind the list you made. Don’t scratch down something like “an ultra-modern refrigerator for Rs.20000). You also need to consider the additional financing costs involved, if you are not looking forward to paying down the entire amount in one or two go.

Check out the brands that fit best in your budget:
Now see, everyone likes that 5 Lac plus worth high tech super stylish refrigerator (including us). But try sticking to the budget (if you don’t like regrets later). Start your search by finding a reliable brand that can check the most points on your list while sticking around the budget.

Check out energy star ratings:
It is crucial for you to check the energy efficiency of refrigerators. Honestly, grab the most efficient refrigerator you can in your budget, that is, if you don’t want a meter long electricity bill. You can check the star ratings to figure out refrigerator energy efficiency. Higher star rating means higher energy saving!

Technologies to consider: The era of convertible refrigerator

While we all are looking to use refrigerators most efficiently, it might not really be possible. The Convertibility technology for optimised usage is a great aid in this direction. The various convertible ‘modes’ available with these types of refrigerators enable users to optimise according to their requirements. Some of the convertible refrigerator features are briefed below.

When there is equal use of freezer as well as fridge, the refrigerator can be set in the ‘normal mode’ (just the way normal refrigerator works) and when freezer is not to be used or have no stuff in there, ‘seasonal mode’ can be set (this would not affect the refrigeration).

On the other hand, if you have a lot of stuff to refrigerate and the refrigerator compartment is already filled, the freezer can be converted to a refrigerator with the ‘extra refrigerator mode’.

Similarly, with ‘home alone mode’ users can save a lot of energy by turning of refrigerator section altogether and converting the freezer into a mini refrigerator. This mode is useful when there is a limited bit of stuff in the fridge which can fit into the freezer section.

That’s all about refrigerators Folks! Hope this refrigerator buying guide has offered some answers to your stream of questions on ‘which refrigerator should I buy’ and given you all the info you needed for finding the best refrigerator!


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