Top 20 solar panel manufacturers (brands) in India

When it comes to installation of a rooftop solar panel for home or office. The first question comes to the mind is – Which are the best solar panel manufacturers in India? Switching to solar electricity is a long-term investment. So it is important to choose a brand you trust. As solar panel demand increasing, so as the number solar panel manufactures, however few of them are core solar companies.
We created the list including the core companies in the domain. You may be surprise to see unfamiliar names in the list, but fact is, these are the leading brands.

As long as you stick with big brands, you would not find any big difference between the quality and efficiency.
Solar panels are subjected to a number of tests as decreed by the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE). These are then certified accordingly. So, make sure that you are going in for a system that’s well approved by MNRE and the service providers are genuine.

Note: the list is based on capacity deployed for rooftop solar projects in India in FY 2017-18. The ranking is not based on best quality, manufacturing capacity or shipments.

Top solar panel manufacturers in India (domestic):

# Brand/Manufacturer  Website
1 Vikram Solar Pvt Ltd
2 Waaree Energies Ltd
3 Indo solar
4 Adani Solar
5 Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd
6 Emmvee Group
7 Loom Solar
8 Moser Baer Solar Limited
9 Kotak Solar
10 Alpex Solar

Top solar compnies in India (imported):

We have shortlisted some of global leader:

# Brand/Manufacturer Website
1 Canadian Solar
2 Trina Solar
3 Renesola
4 Jinko Solar
5 Risen Energy
6 SunPower Corp
7 Axitec
8 Sharp

Other solar manufacturers :

There are few other companies in the retail market. These companies are already popular in domestic power solutions.

# Brand/Manufacturer Website
1 Luminous
2 Loom Solar
3 Su kam
4 Microtek

To understand more about solar technologies, check this link: Types of rooftop solar systemHow to convert existing inverter to a solar inverter?


  • IB Solar

    IB Solar is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in India. We supply the wide range of solar systems for the flat roof, ground mount, on the roof etc. With innovative technologies, our experts are known for their simplicity, reliability and for ease of configuration. The products are ideal for residential, commercial and for utility-scale solar installations. List of the top solar panel manufacturers in India. Which are best solar panels manufacturers in India the list will help you to select solar panels for home, Office, Company, Business etc?

    • Well, Most of the brands give 25 years warranty on solar panels. Please note warrenty covers only efficiency of solar panels only. Its a bit technical to understand, actually solar panel losses its efficiency with passage of time.
      For example a if 100 solar panel produces 100W electricity, with in 25 years it must produce 80% of its efficiency. So a if a solar panel produces less than 80% of its capacity then you can claim the warranty.

  • Dinesh

    We want soler systems for HOme how many cost for 1kwt. I have already two battery inveter m. 8708800579 Dinesh Kaushik Kalibnga dist. Bhiwani Haryana 127114

    • Hi Dinesh,
      You can install 1KW solar panel on 2 battery inverter. Retail price depends on your locality how far you are from manufactures? I think a good branded solar panel will cost around Rs40000 /KW.

  • Dinesh

    This article gives complete information regarding top manufacturers in solar panel manufacturers stream and gives a good overview over each and every company which have been mentioned.

  • Raj Kamal


    What capacity of business did each one do? How about Jakson Solar company? I can see that its there in the images that you showed in the content but not in the list which you shared separately. And some of your companies which are mentioned in the list are not there in the images. So not sure whether this data is 100% correct . Would request to share some more light on this. Also, would be best if you can segregate the list based on Home based solar panel manufacturers and commercial soar manufacturers.

  • Jainik Dave


    Here I want to Install Solar Rooftop Power Panel of 5KW, and For that Got a Quotation from Lubi Solar, Company Give me Subsidy Support (Documents and All) with 5 Years Free maintenance, As well including Installation, I want to Go with lubi solar cause already company very popular in Ahmadabad for their Solar water Heater, Pump and for motor in India, Company Tell me Powe efficiency is 18.29% in 320W panel, If there are other suggestion just let me know. I want better rooftop solution, Also I want to tell you Lubi is Solar panel manufacturer in ahmaedabad.

  • Hi,

    I am Aditya from Bhopal, and I have to installed 1 kw solar system for home. I want to run 4 ceiling fans, 10 lights, 1 TV, 2 Laptops, 2 Coolers, 1 Refrigerator. How much will be cost of 1 kw solar panels?

    i want to buy solar system online from Should I buy online solar system?

    • Hi Aditya,
      Please keep in mind, 1 kW setup can produce only 4-5 units in a full sunny day. As per your requirement 1 kW rooftop system not enough.

      Anyway, if we talk about prices of solar rooftop systems it depends on whether you need complete rooftop system or solar panels only?

      I have break up prices the components separately:

      1kW solar panels = 40,000-50,000.INR
      2 150 Ah solar battery =28,000-30,000INR
      1kW hybrid invrter =10,000-15,000INR
    • Hi Anshumaan,
      You did not mentioned whether you already have inverter battery system?
      Assuming you don’t have inverter battery system at your home:

      1kW solar panels = 40,000-50,000.INR
      2 150 Ah solar battery =28,000-30,000INR
      1kW hybrid invrter =10,000-15,000INR
    • Dear Abhishek,
      You have not mentioned the daily electricity requirement.
      Calculate daily electricity consumption by dividing monthly units in bill by 30 days
      Please calculate it and share with us.


    electricity consumption is upto 20 kW, to generate 15 kW electricity we need 5-6 KW solar project. What will be the project cost. Is there any scheme from government to support this. If yes how to get it. Location is Gaya town from Bihar.

    • Hi Hari,
      You had calculated it right, 1kW solar project produce 3-4 kW electricity per day, on ideal conditions. Therefor, you need a 5 kW project to generate 15kW electricity.
      If you go for a off-grid (Solar panels + battery + Inverter) project, It would cost 90,000 to 100,000 INR.
      if you choose a on-grid system (Solar panels + Inverter) without battery, would cost 60,000 to 65,000 INR.

      You can avail subsidy from IREDA (Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.) through NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). Under the you avail up 40% subsidy on total cost of project.
      I am not sure about state govt contribution.

    • Hi,

      I am Amol Anand, co-founder of I am so interested to give your answer, because we have offering total solar solutions in India. You may contact for more details, To know more about solar panels, call + 8750 77 88 00 or reach us at


      Amol Anand

    • Hi Sumit,
      Bluebird is not core solar company, It just started the solar panels assembling and commissioning the solar projects.
      I suggest you to select a core solar company listed above in our list.

    • Hi Vikash,
      Generally 1 kW solar panel produce 3-4 kW electricity per day. You need to calculate your daily electricity consumption.
      Based on electricity consumption you need to calculate the capacity of solar panels.
      For example:
      Suppose your daily electricity consumption is upto 15 kW, to generate 15 kW electricity you will need 4KW solar project.

      You can choose a solar brand from above list, we have listed top 10 solar companies in the list.

    • Dear Vikash,

      Now a days, if you planning to buy solar system for home, there is a few question why you want to buy solar system, a. do you want to save electricity bill, b. do you want to generate power backup, or c. do you want to invest money in solar system?

      Discuss in more, you may contact for more details, To know more about solar panels, call + 8750 77 88 00 or reach us at

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