How to buy right air conditioner for your home

air conditionerIndian summers more tolerable when you’ve got air conditioning at your home or office. You know the feeling of stepping out of a hot day into an air conditioned home: makes more comfortable. India’s economic growth and purchasing power parity has given the average middle-class family the right to provide a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. The air conditioner, once considered as a luxury trail, now offers almost the right places in almost all middle-class homes, not only in metros, but in smaller cities too.

Choosing the right product among available brands and models is quite tedious task. Before buying the product you must have clear understanding of parameters related to the product. To make your job easy we have prepared a list of parameter which must be considered while buying an air conditioner. You can consider our another post on top 10 air conditioners in India also, while buying AC for home.

Types of Air Conditioner

Split AC

Split ac contains two distinct units compressor and condenser unit. Compressor units are installed outside room meanwhile Condenser unit installed in the room. This is most preferred type of Ac because it provide more pleasant and better air distribution than the window AC.

Window AC

These are effectively the cheapest cost-effective AC currently in the market. Being a single unit, it takes less effort for installation. Window ac can be installed in a room with window only, due to this limitation these are less popular. Due to availability of inverter technology in window ac, it makes them less efficient as compared to split ac.

Portable air conditioner

The portable AC is similar to split AC in the fact that, both of them have two distinct sections. However the difference here is Ac can be place anywhere in room. It is most suitable for temporary cooling solution. It occupies space on the floor, and due to its high cooling capacity, is suited to very large rooms.

Cooling Capacity

First of you have to decide about size of air conditioners. AC are available in the range 0.75 to 5 tonnes. The capacity of the air conditioner should be considered on the basis of the floor size of the room. A fat measure indicates that for 120 ~ 140 square feet area, will need 1 ton, for 150 ~ 180 square feet area 1.5 ton and for 180 ~ 240 square feet area will require 2-ton air conditioner. Number of peoples in the room also plays significant role while selecting capacity.

Room Dimensions AC tonnage measurements Available AC configurations
100-150 sq.ft. 0.75 Ton window/cube
150-250 sq.ft. 1 Ton window/cube/split
250-400 sq.ft. 1-1.5 Ton window/cube/split
~500 sq.ft. 1.5-2 Ton split/cassette
~700 sq.ft. 2 Ton split/cassette/portable
~1000 sq.ft. 3 Ton cassette/portable
>1000 sq.ft. >3 Ton cassette/portable

EER & Star Rating System

Energy efficiency is most dominating factor in selection of an air conditioner. Efficiency of AC is measured in Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), It is the ratio of the cooling capacity to the input power. Air conditioners comes with a star ratings provided by BEE in India. Star ratings has been standardized by the Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE) based on energy efficiency. Therefore, any unit with more stars will consume less power. Thus it is always recommended to buy 5 star rating air conditioner.

EER Star rating
<2.3 1 star
2.3<EER<2.6 2 star
2.6<EER<2.8 3 star
2.8<EER<3.1 4 star
>3.1 5 star

Air conditioner price

Price is another important factor to consider, as more features and higher star rating accounts for higher price value. There has been an increase of about Rs 2,500 for every star rating. An inverter AC is usually 20% higher than the 5-star rated split AC. Branded 5 star rated invereter  1 ton Ac price range between Rs 25000 to Rs 45000 depending on brand and features.

Air Quality

While installing AC in home, the quality of the air is very important factor. AC with a good filter is extremely important to improve indoor air quality. Filter is used to remove solid contaminants such as smoke, pollen, dust, grease and pollen to ensure better air quality for the occupants furthermore AC with good air filter can minimize the need of air purifier at the home.

Cooling Speed

Adjustable thermostat (temperature setting) is used to set the room temperature to the comfortable level. Feature like Eco mode and sleep mode setting would be beneficial because, it would help in saving energy with optimum cooling.

Additional Features

Dehumidification is most important feature for Indian whether. It reduces moisture, increase the cooling with more comfort therefore AC is considered as best cooling tool for humid weather. During the monsoon, special cooling required for maximum cooling and maximum comfort. So look for AC with features that can control moisture and give more rest in monsoon.
It is important to see the noise level also, which can range from 19 to 60 dB, hence go for an air conditioner with low noise level.
Sleep mode is another useful feature because it automatically adjusts the temperature during the night. AC unit must have an auto restart feature to restore the last setting after the power break.
Nowadays, AC is not only used for cooling, but also as a multi-seasonal product which can be used for summer also in the winter, in addition hot & Cool air conditioner also save 35% more energy than the heater.

Exposure to Heat & Sunlight

Most of us never think about installation place while buying an AC. If your room is close to the kitchen or the wall of your room directly exposed to the sun, you will need the air conditioner with high cooling capacity.


The top AC brands in India in terms of popularity are Voltas, Hitachi, Samsung, Daikin, LG, Whirlpool, Videocon, Blue Star, Lloyd, Onida and Panasonic. Most of the AC introduced by these companies known for advanced EER, quick cooling, noiseless functioning and longevity of compressor and condenser. You should choose the air conditioner brand carefully which meets your requirement of maximum energy savings after the highest EER, best cooling performance and after sales service. There should be  choose air conditioner, which provides optimum comfort in summer, cooling down in the summer, and protects against diseases like viruses, allergies and mosquitoes like insects.


If your AC usage is between 8 to 10 hours a day for 3 to 4 months, then at least 3 star rated AC have been recommended. If it is 5 to 7 months, then you should go for a 5 star rated AC. For the use of 10 to 12 months, the only option is all weather inverter AC.

After sales services

After sale services and other add-on features such as warranty, there will definitely be a plus for your shopping, search for a service oriented brand, which has capabilities and good network to meet your product’s servicing needs.


Hot and humid whether, is bad for you. Air conditioners make it possible to control the extreme humidity, and thereby allow you to have a bit more control over your health. And remember you did it to stay healthy :)!

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