How to save electricity at home

save electricityElectricity is the major source of energy in day to day life, whether it is at home, office or at agricultural farms. Even I am consuming electricity while writing this post to run my computer, air conditioner, coffee machine and for lights. I am sure you might be consuming the same source of energy (electricity) while reading this post too. It gives cool air through AC, entertain us through cinema TV and radio, besides lighting the houses. Most of the activities in daily life directly or indirectly depend on the electricity. There is simple equation to use electricity “more you use it, more you would pay for it”, and it reflects on our electricity bills too. I am sure you would not happy with increasing electricity bills. Saving electricity is the only solution to this problem.
So I prepared small tips to save electricity. You will not only save your money but also contribute to reducing carbon footprints by adopting these simple tips.


The first mantra of saving electricity – just switch off lights when not in use, and it applies to every home appliance. Replace incandescent bulb with more energy efficient led bulbs. The led bulb uses 25%-80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and uses 10%-15% less electricity than CFLs, and of course, have a longer life.

Air conditioners

Please make sure to buy a BEE 5 star rating inverter AC, while purchasing new AC. Though it would be costlier than your normal AC, you will get your investment return within 2 years. There is a wrong perception about the AC, that less will be the temperature faster would be the cooling. This way you are forcing your AC to eat more electricity. The human body is more comfortable at a temperature 24 C to 28 C, so set the temperature accordingly. Switching on the fan while using the AC will also help to spread the cooling in the entire room.


The refrigerator is the only appliance at home which operate round the clock and plays important role in saving electricity if used properly. Keep your refrigerator away from walls and other heat sources such as direct sunlight. Do not put food items in the refrigerator, which do not require refrigeration. Reduce the temperature to the minimum in winters.


The golden rule that applies to all the home appliances is to switch it off when not in use. If you are planning to replace your old fan buy more energy efficient fan with more star ratings. Fan consumes less electricity on low speed.

Save electricity with geysers

Geyser and room heater eat huge electricity when in use. Do not set geyser thermostat too high, It will cause loss of heat constantly and switch on geyser after short interval even if it is not used. Repair the leakage of hot water if any. Geyser with leaking faucet consumes more electricity.

Upgrade to latest technology

Try to upgrade to latest technology in home appliances such as microwave,induction cook-top etc. Do you know microwave uses two third less energy than conventional gas stoves? Install motion detection sensors in galleries, lobbies, balconies and bathrooms, it would help to reduce wastage of electricity. Motion detection sensors, sense the movement to switch On/Off devices. For example: Motion detection device on staircase could be used to switch On lights, If it detects some one in staircase and remain switch off when there is no movement.

Switch to solar energy

This is most efficient and environmental friendly way save and produce electricity. By installing solar power project at home it would not only help to produce electricity for your daily need but also reduce the global warming. Solar power project is a one-time investment for your all the electricity requirements.
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