Energy efficient home -Tips to reduce the electricity bills

Seriously, is energy efficiency just about the environment and being eco-friendly? Not really- it saves the hell of your money as well. A general stats suggests that just energy proofing the house can help you reduce the electricity bills to around half of the average bill you had otherwise been paying- even a part of would be A LOT if you think of long run.

Talking actual average stats of electricity usage, some 45 percent of bills arise from room heating or cooling. About 8 to 10 percent comes from refrigerator and roughly 30 percent form lighting. Then there is water heating, kitchen appliances and household electronics.  Let’s discuss how and where all you can cut down the energy consumption and how a house can be made energy efficient.

How to cut down heating and cooling electricity consumption ?

As highlighted above, a considerable part of the electricity bill would accrue from the heating or cooling of the house. So people mostly are found pondering ‘how to monitor heating or cooling costs?’ or ‘how to reduce energy consumption by ACs or heaters?’ Well, you may find these tips for reducing energy consumption helpful.

Insulating the house for energy saving:

Properly insulating your home is an important step for controlling energy usage. It would make sure that the doors, windows etc. remains properly sealed and do not let in the cold or warm air in, making the heater or air conditioner work more. It also means that the warm or cooled air circulating in the house don’t escape out. So insulating the house time and time again is a pretty good idea.

Closed rooms:

If you are heating or cooling a particular room, then make sure you keep the room closed. Not only will the room get warm or cool relatively quick, but it would help to retain the temperature for a longer period, enabling the more efficient use of the heater or air conditioner.

Buy energy star rated heaters and air conditioners:

Buying energy efficient products certainly would go a long way. Higher energy star rating would imply higher energy conservation. Generally people do not consider buying energy efficient applinces due to higher intial cost, but that is not true for long term. Belive me! you can reduce your monthly electricity bills up to 30% by replacing only your old air conditioner with 5 star rated air conditioner.

Replace ‘expired’ heaters and air conditioners:

A thing that most people do is buying a product and forgetting about it until it starts making horrible noises. At first, note it that if you are looking for energy conservation, you surely need to keep the electronics maintained. And if there existence have exceeded a particular limit, considered exchanging it for a new, technologically advanced, energy-saving one. Most electronic gadgets lose efficiency as they ‘grow old’.

Consider Energy audits:

Many of the electronic brands do offer energy audits by the means of which you can know how much the heating and cooling of your house is costing you. You can also figure out whether or not you should consider bringing a new cooler or heater home to replace the existing one.

Central AC/heater:

For big buildings or multi-storey houses, central ducting can be much more beneficial that fitting ACs or Heaters to every room.

Reduce light Consumption

If not a very big proportion, lights do contribute to about 10-15 percent of the electricity bill.

Open the windows:

We mean, just wrap the drapes and let the sunlight in. Seriously, why to use lights during the day and pay bills for it when you have the free of cost lighting facilities available day long. Good thing is that India has got plenty of sunlight supply- feel free to take good advantage of it.

Energy saving light:

Thanks to all the tech advance, we have plenty of energy efficient lights out there- CFLs, LEDs etc. (LEDs being the most efficient). So for those who are after energy saving or electricity bill monitoring, there should be no reason to use those ‘old-school’ lights.

Other Electronic Appliances

Water heaters:

It is better to leave water heaters on a ‘warm’ level- it is the most energy efficient alternative. Also, make sure the hot water lines are properly insulated so that the heat do not escape while in use. Getting an on-demand hot water loop would be a god idea in this context.


Blindly go for the energy efficient refrigerators. Today, most brands do have many variations with high energy efficiency. Be sure to check the star rating or the energy efficiency rating for the refrigerator you buy. Old refrigerators not only lags behind in technology, it eats ups pretty lot of electricity- so you can seriously considering your old refrigerators. Convertible refrigerators certainly are good options.

Additional tip- turning the refrigerator off for an hour or two every day in morning and evening can cut down energy consumption. Also, avoid opening refrigerator several times unnecessarily.

Solar energy

For tropical countries like India where there is abundance of sunlight and solar energy, solar panel must seriously be considered. While it would cost high for once (for installing the solar panel system and related fixtures), it would be an absolute worth. You make some electricity of your own and save a considerable on electricity bill.

Plant few trees around

Seriously. Do some favour to the environment while you get your house some shade and cooled surrounding.

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