Electric geyser – Things to consider while buying a water heater

Water heaterHaving water heater at home is no longer the luxury but the necessity in modern homes. Although average usage of electric geyser may last for 4-5 months in India, it depends on the location of usage also. Duration of usage is considerably longer in north Indian states than south Indian states.

Since all the modern electric geysers use an electric heating element to heat water, therefore electricity consumption is hardly a deciding factor while buying electric geyser. But there are some others factors which play important role in saving electricity.

What capacity water heater do you need?

Selection of size should be based on hot water required at one go. Choose the capacity of the geyser, by determining the amount of water you’ll need.

For example, a family of 4 would typically need at least 20 liters of hot water for a bath, so 20-25 liter geyser would be sufficient for the whole family. if you use a shower or a bathtub, you would obviously require a much larger capacity geyser.

There are two types of electric geysers available in the market, instant and storage type geysers.

Instant geyser/water heater

Instant geyser also is known as a tankless water heater. As the name suggests it heats the water almost instantly, just open the tap and you would get hot water without any delay.

  • Instant geysers are best suitable for washing kitchen utensils and for hand wash. Suggested tank capacity is 1 Liter to 3 Liters.

Instant water geyser is relativity affordable than the storage tank geyser.

Storage Geysers/water heater

As the name suggests it can store hot water in the storage tank. Insulated storage tank keeps water hot for a long time.

Storage geysers appear in many capacities, starting from a few liters to 100 liters, which is more than enough for larger families. Larger capacities are also available for commercial establishments.
It is suitable for bathtub and overhead shower applications where a large amount of water required in one go.

Depending on the size it takes some time to heat the water and needs to switch on before application.

How to calculate energy efficiency in geyser?

Unlike other home appliances geyser comes with BEE star ratings.

What is standing loss?

The term might be new to some readers, but it is the most important factor to decide star rating of geysers. Standing loss and size are main parameters, used by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to decide the star rating of a water heater. Geyser with higher star rating always has lower standing loss relatively. Now let’s understand what is standing loss?

Standing loss is the loss of heat/energy to surroundings through geyser surface in 24 hours. The temperature of water in geyser decrease gradually over time. Standing loss essentially depends on the quality of insulation layer and size of the geyser. Large geyser would have a bigger surface area which results in more standing loss.

How standing loss affect energy efficiency?

If you leave geyser switched on throughout the day without using a single drop of hot water, still there would be a heat loss over the time. To overcome the loss of heat geyser would switch on/off automatically which results in wastage of electricity.

Hence you are advised to buy a geyser with lower standing loss.

You can read more about guidelines for star rating for stationary storage type electric water heaters .

Is pressure rating important?

Pressure rating is important safety parameter, moreover, it becomes important for a multistory building. You must choose a geyser which can endure high pressure. Water geyser pressure is commonly calculated in BAR hence you must consider geyser with higher pressure rating for additional safety. Most of the branded geyser comes with 8 BAR pressure rating.

Temperature settings

All the modern electric geyser equipped with temperature controlled thermostat. Thermostat automatically switch on/off geyser to maintain a preset temperature. Some of high end geysers equipped with adjustable thermostat to adjust the temperature settings.


Scaling leaves behind white chalky substance kind of salt deposit in the inner container, which reduces the life of heat element and tank, I also reduce the efficiency of geyser. So it is always recommenced to buy a branded geyser with corrosion resistant tank.

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  • Nidhi

    I don’t know my thinking is right or wrong….When we switch on the heater for 2- 3 minutes with out taking water …water becomes hot and by takingcold water in the bucket nd pouring the hot water ..that will be enough to take bath.But after switching on the heater and if we are turning on the tap immediately I think,water will take more time to get heated up to what we need for taking bath

  • Nikhil

    Hello Sir, since my bathroom floor is low, I purchased a 25 litre horizontal model geyser of a very reputed brand recently. I would like to know what should be the ideal temp. of hot water coming out of the tap. How would i be able to check the water temp? I feel that the water coming out of my new geyser is comparatively less hot than my older geyser even though the temp. adjustment knob is set at max. Is there any standard max heating defined for geyser industry in our country? Pls advise. Thanks

    • Dear Nikhil,
      Though horizontal or vertical size doesn’t affect the temperature of the hot water, input cold water may affect. Colder the input water, lower the hot water temperature.
      The maximum temperature of hot water in most cases set to 60 degree Celsius. You can measure the temperature by a thermometer, if you find it less than 55-60 degrees then you can reach to their customer care.

    • Dear Shyam,
      I advise to avoid the gas geysers. They are not safe as they produce harmful gases may be very dangerous if not installed with proper ventilation. Rather than gas geyser go for an electric geyser.

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