Washing machine buying guide – Everything you need to know

washing machineMay be your washing machine is just too old to clean your clothes right and respecting its age, you decided to replace it. Very good. So now your head is filled with questions like “Which washing machine to buy?” “Which washing machine brand to trust on?” “What should I look for in a washing machine?” etc. Moreover, this extensive varieties and alternatives available in market can muddle up the head of even the most coherently-thinking, reasonable human.

Well, we all have been there. We know the situation and so we have something that can guide you out. Read this washing machine buying guide on to form a clear image of your preferences and figure out the answer to the question that has been recently haunting you- “which washing machine should I buy?”

Types of washing machine

Before buying washing machine, you need to know the washing machine types available before you. Washing machines can be classified on two basis.

On the basis of loading

While considering the ways of loading, washing machines can be classified into Front load washing machine and Top load washing machine. The names itself might be enough to tell you about the classification and the difference between the both. The former is the advanced and expensive alternative of the two.

On the basis of function

While considering the functionality, washing machines can be divided into two categories- semi automatic washing machines and fully automatic ones. There might be a tiny lot of tasks that you might need to perform manually. On the other hand, with fully automatic washing machines, all you need to do is putting the clothes and detergent in and turning the machine on. The machine will take care of the rest.

Washing machines can also be categorised on the basis of their capacity. Compact washing machines are ideal for nuclear families and on the other hand, if your washing load is flooding- i.e., if you have a big family- go with a large capacity machine to ensure the washing machine’s efficiency as well as your ease.

Comparing various washing machine types

Fully automatic front load washing machine

This washing machine category can be titled as the most advanced of the washing machines. The positive aspects of this variety are its fine washing quality, built in heater alternatives for hot washes and better drying, automatic and hassle free functioning, advanced technology incorporation and efficiency. The disadvantages of this variety are chiefly that they are the most expensive of all and take relatively longer time for each wash cycle.

Semi-automatic top load washing machines

These varieties would have two chambers, one chamber for washing purpose and one for spin-drying. The advantages of this washing machine type is that it can be quite energy efficient and easy to use. This type of washing machine use much less of water, time and electricity. On the other side of the coin, these have some undeniable disadvantages too. Since it involve a bit of manual handling as well, the process can be tiring and require personal presence.

Fully automatic top load washing machine

These moderately efficient washing machine types would have a top lid, but no two chambers. It washes and dries automatically. Pros of this variety is that they are relatively inexpensive when put in contrast to front load ones and offer better wash quality in comparison to semi automatic ones. These may however be using a lot of water and lags behind in energy efficiency.

How to find the right washing machine- washing machine buying tips!

  • Figure out what you need by seeing whether you can be free to operate a semi-automatic one or if your family need and have facilities to keep a full sized washing machine etc.
  • Compare functionalities and features available in various models including soaking, tub cleaning, delay start and so on and check which among the alternatives of same price level offers you more advanced features.
  • Check energy efficiency and washing machine star rating or certification before deciding on a model, if you don’t want to scrat your head seeing electricity bills.
  • Do some online comparisons before setting foot on a model.
  • Stick tight to your budget. The baseline.
  • Have an eye on the guarantee and warranty period.

Top washing machines 2018

For those who are looking for the best washing machine to buy this year, we have taken up the complicated job of narrowing the list down to four. Here are the top brands you can rely for getting a good quality washing machine.

Samsung: Of course! How can Samsung not be in any of the electronics top lists? Samsung manufactures some of the really reliable machines, equipped with best of technology and most convenient features.

Panasonic: another obvious name for an electronics list. The brand boasts of offering some of the best energy efficiency and water saving capacities of the washing machines it offer.

Whirlpool: The brand provides what its’ tagline claims-supreme care. Particularly established in laundry appliances segment, you sure can find your ideal washing machine with Whirlpool.

Haier: A relatively new figure in the top electronics list, the brand can be counted in for getting decent quality appliances without burning a hole down the pocket!

Washing machine price range in India

When it comes to buying anything, as in here, washing machine, price is an important factor to consider. You need to have a rough idea in advance so you can prepare the budget and can make an informed, right choice.

In India, washing machines to fit roughly every budget can be found. A vast variety of models exist and their prices also vary. For those looking for buying an average washing machine without having to break a bank account, a semi automatic one can be ideal. Relatively the more expensive alternatives are front load fully automatic washing machines, certainly due to their advanced functioning and technology. Washing machines can start as low as Rs.8000 for basic, semi automatic models and can stretch over Rs.70000 for high end automatic fro

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