How to Buy a Dishwasher | Dishwasher Buying Guide

DishwasherTo get stainless utensils is, let me tell you, is not as easy, especially for Indian kitchens. Indians use a lot of spices and, of course, oil/ghee for cooking. This makes the vessels greasier and hence, difficult to clean. So in India, choosing right dishwasher is very important. One can think of it as a onetime investment where you pay to get a maid to clean your dishes without arguing or frowning! What a relief! This dishwasher buying guide will guide you to choose the best dishwasher for your needs.

Types of Dishwashers

Now let us talk about the types of dishwashers that are available in Indian markets. There are four major dishwasher types depending upon the functioning of the machine, the wash programs, the cycles, etc. The list goes as:


This is the most convenient type of dishwasher where they permanently install the appliance directly under the kitchen counter. This type of dishwasher neither occupies sink space nor does it require any connection to the tap. This type is very popular among those who want to install it in their own house.


It is replaceable or detachable with respect to the position in the kitchen. You can keep the machine in some parking space in the kitchen and can drag the machine whenever needed, near the sink.
The portable free-standing dishwashers are the perfect option for those who do not live in their own homes and may need to carry it to some other place in future.


These are also known as dish drawers and are the perfect type of dishwasher for the nuclear families of today. They are available in the market as single drawer type and double drawer type depending on the size of the family.


This dishwasher is quite similar to free-standing dishwashers but the only difference is that you have to place it on the counter near the sink. You are required to connect the hook pipe to the tap and set your machine in motion.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dishwasher

For those who are still confused between getting a dishwasher or a maid, here are certain points that advocate both pros and cons of dishwashers.

  • It saves a lot of efferts as all you have to do is put dirty dishes in the washer and press Start button.
  • Modern day dishwashers generally use about 5-6 gallons of water while running the faucet/tap uses about 5-6 gallon every 3 minutes.
  • Dishwashers are designed in such a manner that no trace of dirt or even soap is left on your dishes. Dishwashers use hot water for, killing all the germs or bacteria.
  • Dishwashers need some parking space in the kitchen. They are not always feasible for smaller kitchens.
  • Dishwashers usually take longer than hand washing, depending on the number of utensils to be washed. It can sometimes take an hour to clean if you have had a party.

Things to consider

With the advancement in technology, you have a range of advancements in the machine to choose the best dishwasher.


  • Soil level sensors are capable of sensing the dirt and thereby adjust wash cycles accordingly and thus increase dishwasher energy efficiency.
  • Water sensors to determine the optimum level of water.
  • Temperature sensors for ensuring the appropriate temperature.
  • Detergent sensors help in releasing the right quantity of detergent depending on the load.

Auto restart

There can be power cuts in India frequently. In case the power supply is cut for a while, the auto restart option ensures that the machine starts functioning from the same point in the cycle after the resumption of power supply.

Food disposal and filter

This can prevent the clogging of the machine. This advanced feature of dishwashers provides us with a facility whereby there is no need to rinse your plates before placing them in the machine. This can prevent the clogging of the machine.

Washing levels

Washing levels control the distribution of water during a cycle. There are usually two or three-tier system for ensuring a better wash.

Compatibility with hard water

Hard water is very common in various cities in India. These machines have salt dispenser to pump salt into the machine to dissolve the hardness.

External features

There are indicators to let you know about the abrupt stoppage of water supply. You have buzzers to indicate the completion of each cycle. Drain pumps can help prevent the flooding inside the machine.

Top Dishwasher brands

Now that you know a lot about dishwashers, let us talk about the top dishwasher brands in India along with the dishwasher price range in India. The dishwasher price may vary according to the brand and stores and also according to the features and availability.

Bosch: One can easily get Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher online for around Rs.30000. And Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is available for around Rs.35000.
Bosch Built In Dishwasher range starts from Rs.445000.

IFB: IFB Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is available online for approximately Rs.30,000. And IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher can be purchased for around Rs.34,000.

Siemens: Depending on the variety of features provided, Siemens dishwashers range between Rs.2,000 to Rs.54,000.

LG: Range of LG dishwasher starts from around Rs.35,000.

Elica by Whirlpool: Elica’s dishwasher range starts from Rs.32,000.

Tips for selecting Dishwasher

Since buying a dishwasher is a one-time investment, one should consider various aspects before rushing to any conclusion. Let us examine the various factors that go into choosing the right dishwasher for an Indian home.

Family Size If you have a nuclear family, a smaller dishwasher may work. But if you live in a joint family a bigger configuration is suggested.

Noise Opt for virtually silent machines. Most of the companies nowadays showcase a range of noise insulated dishwasher machines.

Electricity Consumption A typical dishwasher will consume about 1-2 units per load per wash. Go for the one that won’t shoot your bills up.

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