All you need to know before buying a kitchen chimney : Buying Tips

For every Indian home, a chimney is a must- count us on this. There is a lot of grilling and frying and pressure cooking and ‘tadka’ involved in day to day Indian cooking. And seriously, sometimes, the smoke and vapor caused by cooking can make standing there in kitchen pretty ‘coughy’- seriously difficult. Moreover, the steam, flavor cooking, spluttering etc. tends to leave kind of impressions on the wall or surrounding area. So, we underline again, Chimneys are a must for every Indian kitchen- if not for those living alone, a total must for a family.

Let’s make the Chimney searching process a bit easy for you with this chimney buying guide.

Things to consider before buying a chimney

Keeping in mind a few things while you are making your chimney purchase can help you avoid regrets later on. Here are few tips that can come handy while you are buying a chimney.

Chimney size: Many people get stuck at the size part. The size largely depends on what the size of your kitchen is. Speaking generally, if your stove is 3 feet long same should be the size of your chimney. In other words, or to put it simple, as a basic size rule, the chimney shouldn’t be smaller than the size of your cooking area (Stove or hob). It can be bigger than the size of cooking area, though, as per the requirement.

Ideal Suction power: The capacity of a chimney to suck in the particles, oils and odor is called suction power. The suction power of about 400 m3 per hour to 1000m3 per hour is recommended for an average Indian kitchen.

Chimney Maintenance: it is recommended to position the chimney at a lower height, where you can easily reach to clean it up.Sealed motor or blower is preferable so as to avoid the pain of frequent internal service and cleaning.

Speed: Chimneys have diverse speed options. While the smaller or entry-level ones might not have many (or may come with a single speed), there are chimneys that come with 3-5 speed options for more efficient functioning and for quicker ventilation.

Types of chimneys

Have you been wondering about the type of chimneys to know the alternatives you have in the market? Read on to know the various chimney types.

Wall Mounted Chimney: These chimney types are fitted adjacently on the wall, over the cooktop.

Island Chimneys: The island Chimneys are not located on the wall adjacent to the cooktop, as in case of wall mounted ones. Rather, these varieties hang down from the centre of the ceiling. These can be suitable for large kitchen areas with changing or multiple cooking areas.

Built-in Chimneys: These kinds of chimneys are built to be integrated into the cabinets or the furniture in the kitchen, that is adjacent and above the cooking area.

Types of chimney filter

Baffle Filter: Baffle filters consist of multiple curvy structures that redirect smoky air. A positive aspect of this kind of filter is that even when the filter has excess of grease or oil content within, its functioning won’t really be affected.

Cassette Filter: These chimney filter types are made of aluminum mesh. The tiny gaps amid would let the air pass through while holding back the oil or grease particles. These can easily get clogged and needs to be washed once every week or so.

Carbon Filter: Alternatively called the Charcoal filter, this kind of Chimney filters are made of black charcoal- just as the name suggests. These are by and large useful for absorbing cooking odors. These filters are required to be replaced with a new one in 5-6 months on the basis of the usage.

What is auto clean chimney

Cleaning chimneys can be quite cumbersome. The oil, vapor, grease particles etc. sucked in and accumulated by the chimney certainly would be a nightmare to clean. Especially, those who use to have a relatively busy schedule might find it dreadful to use their rare free-time for these gross cleaning works. Technology is up to rescue all those in form of Auto Clean Chimneys. These new generation chimneys processes to collect the oil or grease particle sucked in by it in a detachable oil collecting container. One would just have to clean that little container once a month or so- no burdening work! Simply, the overall manual cleaning required for the chimney is quite low.


Kitchen chimney price range in India

A chimney that fits right into your budget can easily be found. The price range of chimney in India starts around 4000 and goes up to 22000 for the high-end Auto clean chimneys. Roughly, an average quality chimney can be purchased for around Rs.5000 to 7000. Rest depends on what features you are considering of having in the chimney.

Best kitchen chimney brands in India

Enlisted below are some of the most popular and greatly functioning chimneys:

Faber 1200MM 1095 m3/h Hood (Wall mounted Chimney): Buy from amazon

Kaff OPEC BGX – 60 (Wall mounted Chimney): Buy from flipkart

Elica Aqua Plus LTW 60 (Wall mounted chimney): Buy from amazon

IFB GL 90 Silver Island Chimney (Island chimney):  Buy from flipkart

Glen 90 cm 1250 m3/hr GL 1036 SS Island Chimney (Island chimney): Buy from flipkart



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