How to buy the best vacuum cleaner for your home?

vacuum cleanerEveryone wants a clean house and yet, cleaning our places is one of the most bothering chores we find. How many times did we wish our house just get sparkly clean all by magic? Gods bless the technology; a vacuum cleaner is nothing less than a magic wand for us!

Now, the large varieties of these “cleaning wands” available out there can confuse best of us wizards, huh? Buyers often remain hooked to “which vacuum cleaner to buy” and “how to select the right vacuum cleaner”. This comprehensive Vacuum Cleaner buying guide will help you in deciding on a Vacuum Cleaner according to your personalized needs.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Regardless of whether you require a lightweight vacuum cleaner for stairways or the entryway, a wide cleaning path, or to clean under work areas and furniture, Vacuum cleaners are deliberately receptive to your cleaning needs and give the right answer for all your cleaning challenges. Following are the main vacuum cleaner types you can find when you are out on a vacuum cleaner hunt.

Upright vacuum cleaner

An upright vacuum cleaner has the majority of its mechanics in a single unit, with handle and suction making a beeline. For cleaning, the vacuum cleaner head is moved over the floor or carpet. Upright vacuum cleaners are well known and perfect for giving big spaces a swift clean up. They are ideal to remove dirt trodden into carpets with the aid of brush bar. Some of the features that accompany it are suction control, brush switch and cleaner head adjustment.

Canister vacuum cleaner

Unlike in case of upright vacuum cleaners, a canister vacuum is composed of 2 units- one with the essential suction motor and bag in the other. This canister is advantageously mounted on wheels, making it simple to pull along here and there amid operation and is perfect for little rooms and tight spaces. They are perfect for cleaning stairs, hard floors, upholstery, and the spaced between furniture or such.

Handheld /portable vacuum cleaner

They are compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner type.  They have a rechargeable course of action that makes these vacuum cleaners perfect for cleaning small or narrow areas such as closets and cupboards, upholstery, seats and vehicle interiors. These efficient little cleaners can venture into little spaces and kick out all the dust and dirt hiding in there. These are ideal for clearing up messes quickly, without you spending time and effort taking out heavy cleaners.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

As the name proposes, Robot vacuums take up every necessary load for you. These little, self-impelled cleaners are extraordinary for snappy, day-to-day cleaning. They can keep small living spaces clean and can potentially supplement manual cleaning, cutting down your requirement to wear the armor and march for a full-scale cleaning. Some robot vacuums can even deal with moping. Most robot vacuums are cordless and clean with the aid of sensors that enable the gadgets to evade impediments.


Things to consider

Your needs

Whether you are buying for commercial or private place, what matters when it comes to choosing the right vacuum cleaner is the purpose. Oh well, all vacuum cleaners serve cleaning purpose. What we meant here is whether the cleaner is meant to just suck dust out of carpet or if it is meant to clean the small cupboard compartments.


Of course it matters. While scanning through various alternatives, you must rather select the one that can meet your requirements without disturbing your budget. You should also consider other costs involved in the course.


For someone having allergies from dust, filtration is what you should keep in mind. As a vacuum cleaner which is best for all cleaning tasks might not be fit for your health. Filtration determines how many dust particles will escape into the air from the vacuum exhaust. Standard HEPA filtration assures better indoor air quality as it traps fine particles more efficiently and prevents dust from causing allergic reactions or even asthma.


One vacuum cleaner model can be noisy while other could as be smooth and easy. Generally, Canister vacuum cleaners, having better sound-dampening insulation, make less noise than Upright Vacuum cleaners. It has been found that Vacuum cleaners with higher price inducts more efficient sound-dampening insulation.


Cheap and less powerful vacuums do not offer better picking of pet hair. High suction power is required when you are dealing with pet hair. A number of appurtenances are available for picking pet hair that does not let hair clog the vacuum and provide better cleaning. 

Features to look for in a vacuum cleaner

While out on the vacuum cleaner hunt, don’t skip to consider the featured of it.

Bag or No Bag

Bagged vacuum cleaners can carry more dust and dirt. Much of the dust is filtered and additional filter provide clean indoor air and prevent allergies. As the used bags are disposed of after use, it provides better guard against dust, dirt and pet hair.

With Bag-less vacuum cleaners no extra bag is needed to be purchased as you can dump the debris from the cup and they are good to go again. Bagged vacuum cleaners are cheaper but constant changing of bag can be cumbersome. Bag-less are more expensive but saves your time and effort in long term.


Different vacuum cleaner models differ in their power. For eg., Canister vacuum cleaners are more powerful, in terms of suction power, than its rival Upright vacuum cleaner. Consider your requirements in this aspect before setting foot on one.


Lesser the weight more will be the mobility of the vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuum cleaners provide much mobility but are useful only for specific needs. Lightweight vacuums are required by elderly to ease their cleaning needs.

Cord control

A long chord is always preferred as it provides ease in cleaning without changing sockets and a cord that can retract itself saves you from all the fuss. A button control that retracts the cable when button is pressed makes vacuum cleaners convenient to carry and store. Auto chord retraction feature is generally found in Canister vacuum cleaners.

Suction control

Great suction control options simplify switching between rugs, floors, carpets, upholstery, and curtains. The Latest technology automatically detects the material vacuum cleaner is being used on and changes its suction power.

 Top vacuum cleaner brands in India

To make sure that you get a durable and efficient vacuum cleaner, you might want to go with one of the best vacuum cleaner brands and a model which has good reviews. Some of the brands that offer best vacuum cleaners are enlisted below.

Eureka forbes: Its Euroclean and Forbes variety is highly acknowledged in India. It makes vacuum cleaners for both wet and dry surfaces, indoor, outdoor, and also for vehicle interiors with prices ranged between Rs.2,500 and Rs.15,000.

Black n Decker: The brand adverts to have a vacuum cleaner for everyone and indeed, it has a large repertoire to choose from. Prices of Black n Decker vacuum cleaners range from Rs.1,500 to Rs.9,000.

Panasonic: Amid its various electronics products, Panasonic Vacuum cleaners make a mark with their impeccable performance and competitive prices ranging between Rs.2,000 and Rs.8,000.

Bissel: It is a 140-year-old vacuum cleaner company and is well established in international market. Bissel has recently entered into Indian market with prices ranging between Rs.1,590 and Rs.30,000.

Bosch: It offers Vacuum cleaners for various needs with exemplary power consumption making it a brand that provides most efficient vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner price range in India

Price of a vacuum cleaner depends on its features, for example, bagged or bag-less, type of filter that it use, whether corded or cordless etc. Here we provide you the basic insight of vacuum cleaner prices in India.

Canister vacuum cleaner has an average price range from Rs.5,000 for basic models to Rs.15,000 for high-end models. The price of Upright vacuum cleaner ranges roughly from Rs.12,000 for basic model to Rs.35,000 for high-end model. Easy to use Hand-held vacuum cleaners are lighter on you pockets and their prices range from Rs.2,000 to Rs.6,000. Robotic ones are costly due to their advanced technology and their prices range in India lies roughly between Rs.20,000 and Rs.50,000.

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