Audi set to unveil car with solar roof

Solar roof carGerman Automaker Audi is working with Chinese solar cell expert Hanergy to develop thin film solar cells which can be integrated into its solar roof of cars.
Audi says that Integrated Cells – which are being developed with Hernissibysciptary Elta Devices – will generate solar energy for electric vehicles. Generated power will be used to increase the range of electric cars, to supply systems like air conditioning or seat heaters.
The first joint prototype is expected to be ready by the end of 2017. Audi told that it would start an intensive testing phase to check whether the prototype meets its technical requirements in terms of safety, quality, persistence and environmental protection.
Audi board member Dr. Bernard Martens commented, “The range of electric cars plays a decisive role for our customers.” “Together with Hengri, we plan to install new solar technologies in our electric cars, which will increase their range and it will also be sustainable.”
Mark also said that in the future, solar cells can cover the surface of the entire roof, and in the later stage, solar power can charge straight traction batteries – which gives power to the vehicle’s propulsion.
“It will be a milestone in the way of achieving sustainable, emission-free mobility,” Marten continued
Slim and flexible, solar cells are produced by gallium arsenide in Elta device in California and have more than 25% efficiency. According to Audi, they perform very well in low light and high temperature conditions.

After this, the brand is planning to release the electric version of each of its original vehicles, including a driverless city car, until 2021 Short-term target for Audi 2025 should be at least 30 percent complete or partial sales of electricity.

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